Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Wrecks, Ten Reps, More Strangers, A Tarantula, and A Bull in a China Shop

We are finally supposed to cool down to temps less than 110.  The heat hasn't bothered me too much, because I've been spending all of my time in my air conditioned home and the air conditioned physical therapy clinic.  My husband has been doing most of the barn chores and taking the dogs out at night.  My daughter has been helping take the dogs out in the mornings.

We looked at a couple of options in the way of manure clean up, but weren't impressed.  Both were UTVs with manual dump beds.  I could easily see myself winding up in physical therapy again after having to lift and push down that dump bed multiple times a day.  It wasn't easy.  We'd have to get a power dump bed.  Also, someone wrecked one of the UTVs when moving it or taking it for a test drive, and I was disgusted with how cheap the plastic was.  I'd have to keep mine in the garage at all times to avoid having all the plastic parts rot in the sun.  Also, someone must have sat in the driver's seat with a comb sticking out of his pocket, because there was a large rip in the upholstery.  The dealership did take off $2,000 for all that damage, but the bed was almost not usable for my purposes.  The other one was in good shape.  Just dirty.  But I wasn't going to pay what they were asking for it.  I've been super ill lately, but when I get better, I'll shop around some more.

I've got another health problem that keeps interfering with my ability to attend my physical therapy appointments.  I wish my body could just be cool and stop preventing me from helping it.  I came so close to checking myself into a hospital yesterday, giving the doctor my laundry list of issues and asking him to fix as many of them as he could, just so that I could get a little relief.  I felt that even just being hooked up to an IV would make a difference.  Luckily, my main issue resolved itself right when I was on the verge of doing something drastic.

The physical therapist's pat answer for everything has been, "If it causes you pain, don't do it."

So, now I can't ride in cars anymore.  I have to ride in large vehicles where I can climb up into them and climb down out of them.  Good thing I own a pickup truck.  I'm hoping that once PT ends, I can find an orthopedist who can fix whatever my problem is since PT isn't doing it.  I suspect I need knee replacement surgery at the very least.  But first I've got to find a place that can take x-rays without mixing them up with another patient's x-rays.  Easier said than done.

I've decided that I'm going to join a gym when I'm discharged from PT.  It will have to be an inexpensive gym since I'm sick all the time, but if I'm going to have a fighting chance at beating all of these health issues, I'm going to have to get out of the house away from the dogs to stretch and exercise.  Right now I can't even complete ten reps of any movement before a dog is jumping on me to tell me it needs to go outside.  I have been alternating between walking with a stick in the desert and walking on the treadmill leaning on the railings, but it's really too hot to be out in the desert and there are so many interruptions at home.  A gym seems to be the best option.

There has continued to be weird activity going on in our neighborhood.  The extreme heat did not stop the riff-raff from coming around.  One evening I noticed that Bombay was showing signs of having flies get up into his sheath again, so I approached him with the intention to rub Ivermectin on his junk, which does a pretty good job of killing both flies and larvae.  I'll take my chances on side effects, because I don't ever want that poor horse to have the skin scraped off his penis by a vet ever again.  That was traumatic for both of us.

It was important that Bombay remain calm and focused on me, so that he didn't kick me as a knee-jerk reaction to being messed with in that sensitive area.  As I approached him, his head shot up and he spooked at something up the driveway.  I moved to another location where I could see what what bothering him, and was surprised to find a police officer parked in the street at the end of my driveway.  Hmmmm.  He was out of his jurisdiction, but I didn't want to discourage him from coming around, especially since there have been so many burglaries on our street lately, so I let him be.  I had to abandon the Ivermectin treatment, though.  Bombay was just too riled up by the officer's presence.  Plus, I was afraid the cop might arrest me for horse molestation.  Non-horse people just don't get us and all the crazy things we do for the welfare of our horses.  The officer eventually drove off.  I have no idea why he was there.

A few days later I saw that someone had dumped a barbecue on our street with a FREE sign on it.  Our street isn't even a main street where people can see it, and they dumped it on public land.  In other words, it's not like a neighbor set it out in his yard.  This was definitely dumped.  They obviously didn't want to have to pay the fee to take it to the dump, where it belongs.  I'd like to find out who put it there so that I can take a bag of garbage over to his neighborhood and dump it with a FREE sign on it.  That might put things in perspective for the owner of the barbecue.  I don't think it was there at the time the cop came around.

Then this morning I walked out of the garage at 5:30 AM and was startled to come face to face with the driver of a truck hauling a huge trailer up the street toward me.  He stopped when he saw me.  I turned away from him toward the barn, because if he was looking for someone's house, I didn't want him to think that I was his client and I was coming out to meet him.  Plus, it was 5:30 in the morning and I had just rolled out of bed.  I don't want to be sociable until my hair and teeth are brushed and I've had breakfast and a cup of coffee.  He turned around in front of my neighbor's house, drove three houses down, turned around again, and came back to the end of my driveway.  He sat there watching me do my barn chores in my back yard.

I could tell that he wanted me to hike all the way up the driveway to give him directions, but I'm dead set against exerting my bum leg for other people's agendas.  I don't want anymore setbacks in my recovery.  The only hiking I do now is prescribed by my physical therapist.  I'm totally sick of having my activities interrupted by random people who show up at my house.  But then I began worrying that the driver might pull into my driveway and drive down to my barn to ask for directions, and I knew his trailer wouldn't clear the power lines.  I was debating whether to just give up my fight to take it easy, and hike up there to spare the power lines when he finally drove off.

Our street is odd, because it's a paved dead-end road, but the last two houses at the dead-end are actually on a different street name, and the street is not paved in front of their houses.  It's dirt.  The people who live in those two houses bring the majority of strangers into our neighborhood, because they are always building stuff, repairing stuff, and having parties.  But they don't do a good job giving directions, so everyone hits the end of the paved road and thinks it is the end of the street.  Next thing I know, they are taking time out of my busy schedule asking where some address is located.  The addresses here rise and drop drastically with no rhyme or reason, and that adds to the confusion in addition to the two street names.

My husband came into the kitchen this morning saying that he was late for work and still needed more time to get ready.  All of the sudden he jumped back and made a sound of disgust.  There was a tarantula camouflaging itself on the dish cloth on the kitchen sink.  It was the exact same color as the dish rag.  I'm glad he saw it, because I had to put on reading glasses to see it, and I was just about to use that dish cloth.  He used a scrubber to pull the rag and the spider into a bucket and dumped it outside, but not without first asking if I wanted to take a picture.  Nope.  He was already late for work, and my point-and-shoot can't focus without contrast.  I told him I didn't need that dish rag back.  I like tarantulas... just not in my house.

I had to order more reusable cloth diapers for Scrappy, because the ones he has had for about six months now have lost their adhesiveness in the Velcro.  He's also running out of thyroid medication, which means I have to pay another several hundred dollars to take him into the vet to have more blood drawn in order to get another refill of the prescription.  I had worked so hard to get Midge away from that one vet who wouldn't renew her insulin prescription unless I brought her in for tests every couple of months, and now I'm back in the same financial trap with a different dog, a different disease, and a different vet.  I just can't win.  I'm definitely never going to own another dog ever again.  Too time-consuming, too expensive, and I'm getting to the point where I'm physically incapable of taking care of dogs.  Both my son and daughter pet sit for friends and relatives, and my daughter has told me that other dogs are super easy and boring compared to my crew.

Scrappy started a new behavior that my husband calls "a bull in a china shop" episode.  Usually, right after he eats his dinner, he gets this insane burst of energy and starts running around the house crashing into things, because he's blind.  He gets himself so excited that he pees every few minutes.  You can take him out every 10 minutes, and he'll still soil his diaper in between outings.  It's weird.  Anyway, he sometimes acts like a bull in a china shop in the middle of the night and wakes up everyone in the house.  I'm sure all of this is a side effect of his kidneys and thyroid not functioning properly.  It's kind of like having a newborn baby at home.  You don't get much sleep.


ellie k said...

I am sorry about all the things that keep ypu down. I can understand somewhat. I am waiting for back surgery but have had UTIs over and over, this week I had a sonia gram and found out I have a pre cancerous condition in my uterus. I will have a bio. in a week or so, it there is cancer then that surgery has to come first, I have a hernia that is growing fast, we can't do anything about that right now. I am not complaining just letting you know I feel for you and pray for you often. I only have a bird to care for so not near the troubles you have on top of being sick. I hope you can work this all out soon and start to feel better. Ellie

Linda said...

Hopefully, you'll find a vehicle that gets the job done at an affordable price. I haven't yet, so I'll be interested if you do. I did not realize you could have tarantulas in your house down there. Snakes and spiders everywhere!! The gym is a good idea when you're done with PT. It is important to find one where you're a good fit so that you'll want to go. Maybe they have trial periods you can take advantage of.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ellie - Yes, it does sound like you are going through a similar challenge -- not being able to take care of one health problem because others either get in the way or take priority. I'm fascinated that they were able to see that in a sonogram, because my doctor said the only way we can know if I have uterine cancer is if I get a hysterectomy, because I've got a benign tumor blocking her ability to take a sample for biopsy. I had a sonogram before the surgery, yet it didn't detect the tumor. I asked if x-rays or sonogram could detect cancer, and she said no. I hope your UTIs clear up and you are cancer free, so they can sew up that hernia.

Chelsey and Jean-Luc said...

Just found your blog, and I have to say, I truly hope things turn around for you and your horses. That said, I truly enjoy your writing style and the wild adventures you seem to encounter. Thanks for sharing.