Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Day in The Life

I had a crazy day last week.  I was waiting for the repairman to come fix my ice maker for the second time.  The original appointment is either for morning or afternoon during a four hour window, and the company is supposed to call to narrow the arrival time down to an hour, but I never received that call.  So, I just sat around all afternoon waiting.  I didn't want to get involved in any activity that couldn't be interrupted, but I wanted to be productive and keep busy.  I decided to hand-sew the pleats for a blouse I've been working on for a couple of years now.  That was something I could put down at any time and pick up where I left off later.

I started sewing by hand, and then realized that I still had one edge that needed to be run through the serger.  I thought, "I can do that really quick."

I got three inches in and one of the threads ran out.  If you know anything about sergers, there are four threads that get woven together by the machine.  This was a brand new machine that came with four threads pre-threaded, so I had never threaded the machine myself before.  I had seen videos and read directions on how to do it, and I was worried that most of it went over my head.  I dreaded the day a thread ran out, and of course, the day I am waiting for a refrigerator repairman had to be that day.

I watched an instructional video on my laptop computer, tried to follow the directions, but couldn't get the machine working properly.  I slowed the video down and watched it frame by frame, but still could not get the serger working.  That's when I received a low battery warning from my computer.  Huh?

My laptop was plugged into the wall.  It shouldn't have been running on battery.  I made sure all the cord ends had full connections, and they did, but my computer was not recognizing the power cord.  I tested the power cord in a different outlet, and still no juice.  That meant the power cord had shorted out and I had to find another one.  I dug around the house, but couldn't find any extra power cords that would work with my laptop, so I had to order a new one online.  Just as I was searching for one in a browser, the refrigerator repairman called and said he was on his way.

I had to shut down my computer really quick before the last bit of battery died and before I could order a new power cord.  I had to get the dogs outside quickly, and then shut them in a back bedroom after they relieved themselves.  As I was coming around a corner to put a leash on Scrappy, I found him unloading his bladder into his diaper.  Nice.  He couldn't wait two seconds.  I have to be careful not to let the dogs know that my energy is up, because they will instantly wake up and pee wherever they are standing.

After locking the dogs up, I brought them a bowl of water, and when I opened the door, I found Scrappy climbing on Midge's back, totally gnawing on her tumor causing it to bleed.  I screamed and snatched him off her, and tossed his butt into the bathroom.  This has happened the last three times repairmen have come to our house, and I keep forgetting that I have to separate those two dogs or I'll end up with another veterinary bill.

I quickly cleaned the bleeding tumor and put a bandage on it.  There had been a bandage on it before, but I suspect that Scrappy swallowed it.

The repairman made the exact same "fix" the last guy did and was ready to walk out the door.  I said, "Is there any way you can test your work so that we don't have to be calling you out here again in a few days?"

He acted like he had never thought of that, but it was a good idea.  I breathed down his neck while he conducted the test.  It seemed to work, but I was still skeptical.  He said, "If you have problems again, call me."

I must have gotten an exasperated expression on my face, because he stopped short and said, "Either that or lower the water pressure behind the fridge."

Ding. Ding. Ding.  That was the right answer.  Our water pressure varies, so that would explain why the ice maker sometimes works and sometimes gets frozen.  Hopefully, that's the permanent fix.

I went to let the dogs out of their respective rooms after the repairman left, and I found Scrappy lying in a pile of shredded trash chewing on a sanitary napkin.  I always keep that trash can up high on the toilet tank, but our toilet tank had overflowed, and I never returned the trash can to its rightful spot.  Now I was paying for it.  It's tough having neurotic dogs.  And a house that is falling apart.

It just seems that no matter how hard I try to prevent problems, they still manage to come at me from all directions.  I returned to my laptop and quickly ordered that power cord.  Then I realized that I couldn't keep watching videos to help me thread the serger, so I had to abandon sewing that blouse too.   I suspect it will sit on the sewing table for another year.  I had to go three days without being able to access the Internet instead of two, because I just missed the Prime shipping deadline in the half hour that the refrigerator repairman was here.

I did join a gym and have been working out when I get the chance, but there have been a lot of interruptions.  Every time I'm planning on going to the gym, someone or something gets in the way, so I have to be persistent in my attempts to get out the door.  Once I get there, it's smooth sailing, because no one knows I'm there, so no one can take me away from it.  I like it a lot better than trying to workout in my home gym where I've got dogs crawling all over me while I'm doing sit-ups, salespeople coming to the door, my phone ringing, and explosions going on around the neighborhood.  Even though the gym is filled with people, it's so much more peaceful and orderly.

The facilities are beautiful.  There is the second story track that people can run around.  In the center of the track, on the first floor, is a gymnasium.  The runners can look down and see people playing basketball or badminton.  One wall of the building is windows, and we have a full view of the desert and mountains.  They set up some of the cardio machines in front of the windows.  I can stay on one machine a lot longer than I can at home, because there are so many interesting things to look at.  I can see coyotes trotting around in the desert while I'm pedaling a bike.

They also have a lot of fun weight lifting equipment.  I've never been into barbells, but some of the machines they have make lifting weights enjoyable.  It's good to know that even on the days when I can't put any weight on my leg, I can still exercise my arms.  They also have an elevator to the second floor so that I don't have to blow out my knee going up and down the stairs.  Some people give me funny looks for riding the elevator instead of extending my workout by taking the stairs, but I don't care.  I'm sure some day they will grow old and get arthritis and then they will understand.

The other day I heard a siren coming up our cross street while I was dragging in the trash bin.  The siren stopped at the end of our street, and then I saw a fire truck barreling toward me with its lights on.  The driver braked when he saw me.  I didn't want him to think I was the one who called for help, so I turned away and looked up the street to see if there was any smoke.  The driver got my body language and kept going.  He stopped two doors down at the jack-hole's house -- the guy who came to our door to threaten us after we asked him to stop racing his ATV around in front of our house for hours on end shredding the landscaping and spewing toxic fumes through our windows.  I don't know why the fire truck was there, but it left about half an hour later.  Hopefully, his ATV spontaneously combusted.

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TeresaA said...

Life can be frustrating at times. I hope that the guys ATV caught fire too. I understand wanting to ride an ATV but not to spend hours shredding landscaping and being a nuisance.