Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Heroes

I have one dog and one horse who always come to my rescue, so I am calling them my heroes.  Do you want to take a guess at who I'm talking about?  Go ahead.  Take a guess.

My dogs are Midge the Corgi, Scrappy the black Chiweenie, and Stewie the tan Chi-pin.

My horses are Lostine the chestnut Arabian mare, Bombay the gray Arabian gelding, Gabbrielle the gray Arabian mare, and Rock the dun QH gelding.

In the case of my hero dog, this particular animal senses my emotions even before I am aware of them.  If I begin to get upset because another dog is having an accident on the carpet, my hero dog races over to the offending dog and barks at it to try to get it to stop.  Of course, I don't know how you can voluntarily stop vomit, but at least this dog tries to help me.

My hero dog also drags other dogs out of my way by their ears when they are getting under my feet and tripping me.  My hero dog is always the first to alert me when there is a stranger on the property, be it human or animal.  My hero dog even lets me know if the horses are misbehaving.

This one is probably pretty easy to guess, because it's the only dog who still has good hearing and eyesight, which is Stewie!

My hero horse also senses my emotions and helps me out whenever possible.  This horse has learned from watching me, and tries to imitate what I would do if I still had two good legs.  There was a time when I would chase the horses around with a long whip if they were misbehaving, but I can't do that anymore, so my hero horse does is on my behalf, minus carrying the long whip.

My hero horse tattles on the other horses by looking me in the eyes, and then pointing with its nose at the offenders.  My hero horse walks up to me and taps me on the shoulder when it needs to tell me something important.  My hero horse is always the first to alert on danger, whether it exists or not.  (Big clue there.)

But my hero horse also is the first to let me know if another horse is sick or injured, going so far as to protect the horse and lead me to it.  My hero horse always tries its hardest to learn new tricks, and is the most responsive when I ask it to go somewhere or do something for me.  My hero horse takes good care of itself so that I never have to tend to self-inflicted injuries, and my hero horse also grooms itself on the fence so that I rarely have to take a curry comb to its fur.  My hero horse holds perfectly still when I hug it and when I work around it, so as not to step on my feet.

Have you figured it out yet?  I'm talking about Gabbrielle!


Linda said...

Funny! I had guessed Rock. Good for Gabbrielle!! I'm impressed.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think we all have our hero animals.