Monday, July 10, 2017

Tested Left and Right

I'm going through one of those phases I call "a testing period", because it seems that the universe is testing me to see if I actually learned my lesson the last ten times this or that happened.  I definitely learn my lessons.  The problem is that each solution I put into play fails because the problem figures out some workaround to beat the solution.  After I've invested so much money and time and energy into trying to solve a problem that refuses to be solved, I tend to go into my "pretend like it doesn't exist and maybe it will go away" mode.  In some cases, I'm considering just hiring someone else to deal with the hassles, because I'm tired.  I'm starting to see the value in living the lowest maintenance lifestyle possible.

I don't expect to live a completely problem-free life.  I just expect to not have all the problems hit me simultaneously, and I expect to get rest periods in between... like normal people do.

Our weekend began with me hearing it raining outside while the sun was shining.  Problem alert.

The wild rabbits chewed through our drip system again despite me leaving them bowls of water to partake from, and we had water spraying up into the air and splattering all over our front porch.  The last thing my husband needed with his bad back was to be getting down on the ground to replace drip system parts.  He spent hours working on it and was in pain after.

When my brother and I flew the coop, my parents gave themselves the present of hiring a gardening company and a housekeeping company to maintain their property.  I'm thinking it's time that my husband and I look into doing that.  I don't think I have seriously cleaned house since Christmas, and I doubt I could do it again if I tried.

The reason why my water bowl solution didn't work was because the coyotes found the bowl and slurped up all the water, causing the bowl to run dry sooner than expected, so the rabbits had to get their water from somewhere.  I guess I'll have to check the bowl every few hours now.

The farrier came to trim hooves, and Lostine was struggling to stand on three legs.  I'd never seen her that bad before.  I asked the farrier if he's ever trimmed a horse with such bad arthritis that he can't lift a hoof to trim it.  He said he's done many.  I asked how he adapts, and he said, "Anyway I can.  If I have to trim the hooves while the horse stands on them, I do.  Usually, I can set the hoof on the stand and let the horse put it's weight on the stand while I trim."

The next morning I found Lostine stretching instead of eating.  I thought she was sore from the trim, but then she went into her colic pose.  Problem alert.

Throughout all the health problems I've dealt with between my dogs and me this year, I was thankful that the horses were low maintenance and not in need of any special medical attention.  Now it's the horses' turn for their health to go south.  Fortunately, on the morning I found her colicking, my leg was feeling pretty good, so I was able to deal with having to walk all over kingdom come to locate various medications and supplies.  However, by the time I was done with all that walking, I had totally wrecked the leg and had to spend the rest of the day on the couch.

I later listened to Lostine's gut in four places with the stethoscope, and I found healthy gut sounds and no sand noises in each location.  My doctoring worked.  If there's anything I'm good for, it's helping horses survive colic.  Pretty much everything else I do is completely ineffectual.

Then our ice maker broke for the umpteenth time.  This should not be happening with a brand new, top of the line, most expensive refrigerator.  People pay extra money for good quality products so that they don't to have to deal with hassles.  So, I get to spend my morning on the phone with the warranty company and a repairman trying to get that fixed again.  You suck, LG.  The next worst thing besides having your air conditioner, electricity, or water go out during the summer, is having your ice maker go out.  Everything you drink has to be hot.  Even the drinks you pull out of the fridge get hot within a few minutes of being in your hand.  I rely on ice water to cool my inner organs down after I've been outside literally boiling.  Ice water is a life saver.  I may have to go to the store and buy a bag of ice if they can't get out here right away.

I ended my physical therapy, mainly because my quality of care took a nosedive when the company was bought out, and the staff members they kept in the mass layoff hurt me when they stretched me out.  This one physical therapist pushed my leg up and back toward my face, and each time he'd turn around to talk to someone else, he'd push it into me several inches further when I was already at my breaking point.  He said, "Why are you shaking?"

I said through the tears in my eyes, "Because this is extremely painful."

He said, "You can take it."

Yeah, and you can take being out of a job in a few months because you've lost all your patients.  My original physical therapist was so thoughtful and so professional.  It just blows me away how companies can do mass layoffs based upon nothing other than seniority.  I'd be keeping the employees who offer the best quality services.

If my day isn't completely sucked up by the ice maker, I'm planning on joining a gym today to keep up with my stretches and exercises on my own.

While all of that was going on, I received a communication from someone from my past who wanted something from me that was going to require a tremendous amount of my time and energy.  She started out by saying, "I hope you are doing well.  Now here's what I need from you..."

Hey!  How about actually asking how I am doing before telling me what you want me to do?  Then you could find out that I'm not doing well enough to do what you want me to do.

Have you ever known one of these people who create chaos everywhere they go?  You can attempt to complete a simple task or simple communication with them, but they turn everything into a huge production and make it way more difficult and time-consuming than necessary?  Yeah.  This is one of those people.

I started thinking about how this would be a really bad time to open that Pandora's Box, so I made the decision to protect myself and ignore her.  The really annoying thing about her request is that I offered to do this favor for her years ago, back when I was healthy and functioning, and she did not complete this one little 15-minute task she needed to do in order to finish the transaction.  She just kept making excuses.  In the meantime, it was costing me money to wait for her to complete that task.  I finally gave up waiting on her, and closed out the process.  Now she's contacting me years later claiming that she has time to deal with it now.  Sorry, honey.  People don't stay in good health and live forever.  My offers for favors are only good until the end of the day, not until it is convenient for you.

I'm kind of on a rampage trying to teach self-centered people how to think beyond the nose on their own faces.  I have a number of individuals in my life who expect me to bail them out of whatever trouble they've most recently gotten themselves into, and they need to learn how to take care of themselves and think ahead so that they can anticipate consequences.  I hate to see people suffer, but I have to remind myself that I did not put them into these predicaments.  They did it to themselves.  I've got my hands full taking care of myself and my pets at the moment, and I don't need strangers, acquaintances, neighbors, and distant relatives imposing upon me.

Oh yeah, and remember what I said about this woman creating chaos everywhere she goes?  Well, the email she sent me came with a virus, so I've had to spend most of my weekend changing passwords on my accounts, because someone kept making failed attempts to log into them.  Just what I needed with a broken drip system, a colicking horse, and a broken ice maker.  Thanks a lot.

But amongst all that crap, there is good news.  Scrappy's vet found the magic number of cc's of thyroid medication to give him, so now she is prescribing a big enough supply to last us six months instead of six weeks.  That's going to free up my time.  Normally, I'd just blow off getting refills when getting them requires endless doctor appointments, but in this case, the medicine has done wonders for my dog.

Also, I continued to try to get through to a live person at my doctor's office since no one was returning my messages.  Apparently, they only want patients to talk to live people when they are scheduling appointments.  I called right before closing time last week and got lucky.  I left my message with a person rather than a machine, and this morning someone called back with the information I needed.  So, now I will be getting the correct dosage of my own medication.  It's ridiculous what you have to go through just to get a prescription.  So, hopefully, those two problems are solved.  It only took several months, but persistence paid off.


Crystal said...

Ya it seems that way, when it rains it pours. Glad Lostine is OK and Scrappy has the right meds for a long time now that will make life a little easier.

Mrs Shoes said...

I just can't imagine having to deal with your health care system!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sometimes you just have to say no and look to taking care of yourself. Prioritize what's important to you and your health and your animals and the hell with everybody else who wants a piece of you. Glad Lostine is ok.

ellie k said...

My ice maker kept acting up so I went to Walmart and bought three ice cube trays and just emptyed the ice in the ice bin when I thought of it. I am sorry for all the things that go the wrong way for you. I do understand somewhat. I fell last night and broke my foot, they are going to decide Friday if I need surgery or a cast on it. Now I have a possible three surgeries lined up. Maybe I will lose some weight if I can't get to the kitchen.